Wild Friend

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Wild Friend

Annessa has the sexiest name of anyone I know.

"You were born to be a porn star," I tell her as I watch her brush out her long brown hair. She looks up at me through the reflection in the mirror, staring vacantly. I cant tell if shes absorbed in counting her brushstrokes or if she really doesnt understand why I am telling her this.

"Your name," I say, "youve got a great name for a porn star." 

"Oh, that," she says, "Yeah, I know."

"I bet guys love to say your name in bed," I say, lying back, thinking about how I would love to say her name in bed. 

She giggles. Thats the thing about girls. They giggle. Even /bad/">bad mouthed girls giggle, although sometimes I think its more of a nervous habit. But girls giggle and giggling turns me on. 

So Annessa giggles and Im lying back thinking about how I want to caress her when she says, "Have you ever considered being in a porno?"

"Me?" I ask startled. I sit up and shes staring back at me through the mirror.

"Yeah you," she says, "Would you ever?"

"No," I shake my head vehemently. "Nope. I don?t know how I?ll handle the pressure if people I know start seeing me everywhere. I mean porn reaches world wide with the advent of satellite, cable, and the internet.?

"Why, would you?"

Annessa has this thing where she raises one eyebrow, shrugs her shoulders and then says, "I dont know." Its infuriating, because you know that she does know but youre going to have to prod her to get her to tell you. But I bite.

"Come on Annessa, would you?"

She turns around on her little vanity stool and looks right at me, "Can you keep a secret?" she whispers, although there is no one else in the room nor, as far as I can tell, in the apartment.

"Yeah, sure, you know you can trust me," I say, trying to sound as trustworthy as possible while thinking who is the person I can trust to keep whatever she tells me a secret.

"I already have," she says, and sits back to wait for my reaction. Now Im by no means slow, but I have to admit that this one takes me a minute.

"You already have what?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes, "Been in a porno," she says and shakes her head. Im shocked. Extremely shocked.

"No way," I say. My entire vocabulary has disappeared, and ?no way? are the only words running through my mind. 

"Yeah! Last year I was in one of those amateur pornos. I made a couple of thousand dollars and Im supposed to make royalties but I havent yet and Im kind of glad because that means no one has really bought it."

Aside from her name, Annessa is actually the last of my friends who I would have ever expected to be in a porn movie. Shes quiet, soft spoken, beautiful in that classic librarian way and, I thought, not wild. I dont know what to say. I am, for one of the first times in my life, speechless.

Finally I ask her, "Whats it about?" 

She looks at me like Im the biggest idiot to ever walk the planet. Usually Im the smart one in the group but like I said, Ive been blown away. 

"Its about sex," she says, "those things dont have much of a plot and this one is pretty bad. Im driving and my car breaks so this guy pulls over to help me fix it and we have sex. Thats it. The end of the movie."

My chin is down around my ankles and Im pretty turned on. Thats it, she says, the end. Meanwhile Im imagining her getting it on with her little librarian glasses and a big auto mechanic. Its too much. So when stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv she asks, "Do you want to see it?" I have a hard time remembering the word yes.

"Come on," she says and pulls her chair over into her closet where she rummages around until she pulls down a beat up cardboard box with a really bad drawing of a skull and crossbones on the side. She brings it down and throws out a few journals, a tee shirt, and a couple of bootleg cassettes. Finally she produces a single VHS tape with the words "Old News" scrawled across it." 

"Its called Old News?" I ask lamely.

"No, silly, I just wrote that to dissuade people from watching it."

This is actually the first thing shes said that hasnt surprised me.

I follow her into the living room, waiting while she deadbolts all the locks. As usual Im curious, but Im also a little frightened. What if shes really bad? How do you tell one of your friends that they were really bad in a porn movie? I mean what if she asks me for a critique? AS she walks over to me I get instant wood as her camisole strap has fallen off her shoulders and her pubic hair and nipples are visible through the sheer fabric of her pink set.

What am I supposed to do, if shes good do I tell her it turned me on? If shes bad do I tell her she sucked? My palms are beginning to sweat just thinking about it. Blood was rushing to my loins. She bends down to get to the VCR and the amazing view of her ass send pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock.

She pops in the tape and looks at me, her finger hovering dramatically over the PLAY button, "Are you ready?" she says. And suddenly I see how she could be an actress and Im kicking myself thinking about how I didnt see this before. So I take a deep breath and nod.

She hits PLAY.

The music starts and I realize my worst fears are about to come true. Im going to have to sit through this really bad porno without laughing.

Annessa looks over at me and all I can think of to say is, "I didnt think they really used this music in pornos."

I dont think she gets it.

The title cross dissolves onto the screen and Im reminded of a film editing class I once took where the professor told us never to use the fancy switches on the board. Its called Driving Miss Daisy and visions of copyright dance through my head. Annessa is sitting on the edge of the couch, her knees tightly pressed together, her glasses on the edge of her nose and she looks so damn excited I have to bite my tongue to hold back every remark thats passing warp speed through my mind.

I just wish the music would stop.

Her name comes up on the screen, no last name, just Annessa as if she is the Madonna of porn and she points at it, like I cant see.

I nod and I smile, somehow managing to say, "It is a great porno name." 

She looks so proud.

The rest of the night goes downhill from there. I never thought watching one of my friends fuck would be so bad. But watching one of my friends fuck and try to act all at once is unbearable. I try to get up to go to the bathroom so I can miss at least five minutes but she pauses it. I walk back into the room to a freeze screen of her in a very compromising position. And shes shaved. Which white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie makes me wonder if shes shaved now.

Which makes me horny. Which is a problem quickly solved by her pressing play. The main problem is with the lead actor, the helpful guy who pulls over, happens to be a mechanic, and who proceeds to fuck Annessa in the front seat, backseat and on the roof. 

Her acting is really atrocious, I mean she is really overdoing it. Shes moaning and groaning like shes about to die or something, it does not sound in the least enjoyable. Again I cant help but wonder if this is how she is all the time, in real life, in bed. And then one more /fantasy/">fantasy is slashed.

Shes giving the big, hairy mechanic a blow job and he starts moaning, "Oh Annessa." But it sounds so bad. I dont know how Im ever going to say her name again.

After what looks like three faked orgasms he finally comes all over her tits in what is, luckily, the grand finale.

And then, she asks the dreaded question, "What did you think?"

"It was great. It was porn. What can I say?"

"Well did you like it?" she asks me.

"Um... yeah," I say. I am such a bad liar. I cant even begin to think how I am ever going to pull this one off.

"Did it turn you on?" shes really pressing it now and I think she must know that Im lying.

I take a deep breath and muster up as much gusto as I possibly can, "Yeah," I say and of course it comes out sounding too happy. She gives me a weird sideways look and I realize that maybe she really does think Im turned on and that now I want to sleep with her, which, for the /first-time/">first time since Ive known her, is not true. 

But I quickly use this to my advantage and pretend to awkwardly get up, "I should probably go now," I say and head towards the door. Shes just sitting there with that freaked out look on her face so I say, "Ill call you later" and I run toward the door. 

She catches me before I could grab the knob. She spins me around gets down on her knees and unzips my slacks. My 9-inch cock is pressing my silk boxers through the zipper. She uses her tongue to free my cock from the fabric and begins licking my cock from balls to the tips where she engulfs my cock into her mouth and takes it all the way down her throat, her nose pressed up against my pubic bone..

She is a pro. All these years and I never attempted to be more than just platonic friends with her. Visions of my current /girlfriend/">girlfriend killing me is running through my head. I could see her fianc?e killing us both if he ever found out.

After 15 minutes of this oral assault I explode in her mouth and she gulps down load after load of my cum.

She is happily married now, and since this event two years ago, we have met up at least once a week for her regular throat lubrication. She even gave me a blow job on her wedding night in an empty room at the reception hall.

Gotta go! That?s her on the phone for me now. Lube time!