Linus Hyderabad Visit

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Linus Hyderabad Visit

It was 11.45 in the morning. The flight was delayed. It was my first trip to Hyderabad. But I felt good when David reminded me that Srinivas and Hima will take care of everything during my 4 days stay in Hyderabad. Srinivas was there at the airport to receive me. Since the flight was late, I know it was eating into his office time. He gave me his trademark warm smile and took the luggage trolley from me. I was apologetic for making him late to his office. He is working in a famous telecom company as the sales trainer, responsible for the entire state. He soothed my worries by saying "I have taken care of it, you don't worry about it chechi ".

I was wondering about the absence of Hima. She has to be there with him to receive me. She has become very close to me when they have come to Kerala for the honeymoon. So I have expected her at the airport. After depositing the luggage in the trunk, when we were entering into the car, I have asked him "where is Hima?". He did not reply. But when I found his facial muscle tightening, I have realized there is something wrong. For a long time, he has been silent while driving and then he told me that "Hima had eloped with her former lover". I was stunned to hear it; because I found her always clinging to him; I thought that they are such a great couple. Two highly successful individuals going to make a great family!

Absence of Hima had given me another problem. I have decided to stay n their apartment on the assumption that Hima is here. Srinivas did not mention about it even when David had informed him about my arrival. I was confused. It is a matter of 10 days training in a software company. When the Bank had bought the software from them, I am deputed as the SPC (Single Point of Contact) for the Company to the Bank. So the Company is going to give certain advanced training to me for the smooth execution and operation of the software in the Bank.
I can request for the arrangement of accommodation in the Company guest house. But in the last moment, forwarding such a demand will certainly reflect on the Company's impression on the Bank. I would like avoid any negative take on my Bank. Actually, I wanted to really enjoy my trip with Hima. Her absence is really giving me a new trouble. As if reading my mind, Srinivas told me " I am actually embarrassed on it. I did not mention it to David for the same reason". He parked the car in the underground parking area; took the luggage and got into the elevator. "if Linu chechi want to arrange the accommodation in a guest house, I will do it. But I advise you to stay here; everything will be okay". In the elevator, I have given him a good look. He is almost 35. He seems to be a bit shrunk; but still in good shape. He has large eyes. His curly hair and fair complexion and the eyes make him a striking person in any set of people. Still why did Hima do it to him!

Srinivas worked in Kerala for about 5 years. David and Srinivas had become great friends there. He had stayed with us for many days and he was a fixed part in our long tours because he was a good driver. So when I was asked to attend the training in Hyderabad, David had no second thoughts to make me stay with Srinivas and family. But here I am in the apartment of Srinivas thrown into this precarious situation. I don't want to offend Srinivas. Or I don't want to give the impression to him that I am a small town girl who is afraid to stay with a man, alone, for a few days and incapable of take care of herself.

The flat has two bed rooms. It was made with taste and quality and it was cool. I am a bit tired and I wanted to rest to thoughts. After taking me to the kitchen and shown all the relevant parts of the flat, Srinivas hurriedly went to his office. It is 12.40 pm. After bath, I have decided to take a nap. When I got up by 4, I found three missed calls from Jayasree. She is my servant and a friend too. Her husband is the driver of David. It is through them I have discovered that David is having an affair with my sister, Greety, who is studying MBA in Bangalore. It took a great deal of effort to make Greety married to Freddy; now both of them are in Kuwait. But Davids conquests never stops. His business is growing, I am doing well in the Bank, kids are studying and staying in a prestigious school in central Kerala and we are financially well-off. Taking into consideration of the impact it is going to create to the goodwill of the family and business I kept mum to his escapades.

Our marriage is 18 years old. Now I am 39; I have learned to move on for the sake of survival of the family and the well being of the marriage. I am not happy but I do not want to complain. I rang to Jaya and told her that I have reached here hours back and now in the apartment. David is in Thailand now. Since he is the best dealer of the vitrified tiles in Kerala, the tile company had given him a trip to Thailand. I know it is a place where men are tempted to the most; and for a person like David, I can imagine what will happen there. In life, it wise to close your eyes and shut your ears occasionally. It may not make you a winner, but, of course it might help you to be a survivor.

It was at 6.30 pm, I have got the call from Srinivas. He asked me to be ready for going out by 7.15. I have replied that I am not interested. Frankly, I am not a person who enjoy sitting at home and flipping through the channels in TV. I am a street animal; but here I had my own reservations. He was disappointed, he sounded so; but he did not insist on it.

The flat is in the eighth floor, it was giving a panoramic view of the Ameerpet area of Hyderabad. I stood there in the balcony for sometime and decided to watch TV. Malayalam channels were available and a cinema had begun in "Asianet Plus". Mohan Lal's "Kilukkam... ... a with tons of humorous scenes. I was so engrossed in the movie, I did not realize that it was 9 and then the door bell rang. When I have opened the door, I saw Srinivas leaning over the wall. His face was red and perspiration was visible on his forehead and neck. There was the smell of liquor. He came inside and sat on the sofa. He had a carry bag with him. I have closed the door and bolted it. I was in two minds on what to do next. Either sit and watch the TV with him or go to the bedroom assigned to me. Since, I know him well, I have decided to watch the movie.

"chechi, there is the food for you" he told. "Its ok, what about you, had the food?"I asked him. "Yes, I had, I had plenty" he told. He sounded hurt.

"If u doesn't mind, tell me, why you refused to come for the outing with me?" he asked me this question as an accusation. Certainly, the tone of the question had made me red but I replied "it's the headache, you know, the travel had affected me". "No, you were not interested to see with me, I know, I know it well" he was on the verge of tears. I stood there lost. Here is a man who is drunk and blabbering on his failure in marriage. Here I am stands here in utter confusion. I have decided to eat and go to bed without wasting much time in this atmosphere; I have decided to have a shower. I went to the bathroom and undressed myself. The hot bath had given me energy and wore a pink nighty. When I came to the dining room, I saw Srinivas sitting at the table with a liquor bottle, soda and glass. Not a very pleasant situation, I thought. He had changed a lot; this is not the way he used to be. Now he looks, he cared nothing. May be, divorce or separation can affect the people this way.

'srini, this is too much. You had enough of liquor already and you are going to consume more". I told him.
"Yes I had enough. I will have more. Because I am a loser. Even you, Linu chechi, had turned me down". He was with tears. "I adore you, I worship you.. You are like an angel to me, I thought you can console me, give me an answer why she had walked out of my life. But even you"" he began to cry shamelessly. When I look back, I realize, it is the point at which the situation had taken a turn beyond my imagination.

His words made me more softer towards him. I have never realized that I have made such an impact on him. I went near him and put my hands on his shoulder. I had wiped the tears with my hands. "go, and take bath" I told him. I have helped him to walk, guided him to his bedroom and brought him to the bathroom. Then I went to the dining room, washed hands and began to have my food, real forced anal against her will it was Hyderabadi biriyani. After the food I drank a glass of Coke which was there in the fridge. He did not come till now; so I opened his bedroom door and peeped into it. He was in his pyjamas and lying face down on the bed. My ears had caught the sound of sobbing and I entered into the room. "Srini, there is no point in crying for such a girl. You are handsome young man, with great standing, we will find a nice pretty thing for you soon. Now the best thing you can do is go to sleep. Let me switch off the light and say good night to me" I said and turned to go to my room. "chechi, please sit with me for sometime, I beg you" when I saw his face I felt pity. Such a strong built man can cry like a child, I wondered. I went to his bed and sat near him. He took my hands, his hands were very hot, I thought it because of the liquor. He lied on the bed by resting half of his body on pillows. I wondered why such a handsome man was deserted by Hima.

"Do you know how pretty you are" he asked me. It sounded different. I stared at him. He took my hands to his lips and kissed it. "Do you know, you are a goddess" he murmured. "Your color, your figure, your grace, your dignity"you make me mad, Linu chechi"

I was shocked at his behavior; I did not expect it. But I did not shout or push him or rebuke him. "Better you take rest, Srini " I told and turned and walked out of the bedroom. It is not my moral uprightness which made me walk away from the room. I was not prepared for it, at least from him, now. I sat in the drawing room on the couch and switched on the TV. I was not able to concentrate and was restless. It is the I am falling into such a situation. Good or , David was my man. Though I have seen people ogle at me, I did not give much room to anyone till now.

Then I saw Srini emerging from his room and walking slowly to me; he looked composed. I tried to concentrate on TV; at least I pretended so. He knelt down at me, touched my feet and said "just one kiss, only one kiss, Linu, please give me one kiss". I did not utter a word, got up and walked to my bed room; before I close the door, he entered into it. I did not say a word. I stood there staring at him. The look of a self confident 39 year old woman is different and very few men know it. It was not threatening; it was assessment of the person and the situation. He came closer to me, he was strong built man and he is almost 165 cm tall and I come close to 162 cm. He is a handsome guy with a great hygienic body. I have got the smell of his mouthwash; he was prepared. He brought his lips closer to mine and took my lower lip. He sucked it and chewed it. His hands were caressing my back and then he pressed my body to him. Something began to tick inside me. It was after a long time, I am being passionately kissed; praised lavishly. Good paths to great sex. He cupped my breasts and began to massage the nipple, while his tongue was exploring my mouth. He tastes and smells good.

It really encouraged me; when he felt that I am on course, he told me that he will be back after switching off the TV and light; he asked me to undress myself. I sat down on the bed, panting. Within seconds he had come back and asked me, 'may I undress you?" I did not reply. He unbuttoned the top of my dress, the touch of his fingers were sending sensation to all parts of my body. I began to feel weak. I sat down on the bed. He untied my pyjama and slipped it off my legs. I stretched myself and switched off the light in the bedroom. "oh, no" he protested; but did not switch it on. The eyes took some time to adjust to the bed room lamp light. He was undressing himself. He stood in front of me in his brief. His body has the V shape, broad shoulders and narrow hip. Then I felt his hands on my bra, he unhooked it. I have lied down on the bed. I felt the passion is evaporating slowly. I am lying down as a cold meat. There is no much excitement in me. Then he stood on bed and bent down touched on my panty. He rubbed on the mound and slipped the panty off the legs. He stood on the bed staring at my body. I can hear only the humming of the AC. He was standing there like a victorious warrior over me.

I can see those two big eyes staring at my nakedness. "You know, how long I am keeping this wish inside me! Your body has the best shape I have seen in any woman, it is combined with the fair complexion and the glowing skin. Your skin is so smooth. Look at those lips, I was eating them. Your well proportioned neck makes you very sexy. Your boobs can make envious. See the hip, it can withstand any pressure and bear any number of healthy children. I would love to lick each and every part of your body." He described me. "Do you think that you are being fair to your friend?" I asked him. "I know David well. He is a Casanova. He used to bring your sister here. And what you are doing is poetic justice".

He opened a bottle and poured some liquid into his hands and massaged it on my breasts and below. The smell gave me the hint that it was honey. His massage was slowly arousing me. Hot breaths began to go out of my mouth. He began to lick the liquid massaged on my body. It was giving great pleasure to me; my nipple hardened; he took it in his mouth and chewed it. His tongue was ticking the nipple which made me moan softly. He was encouraged by it and began to make it faster. It is the problem with men; they think faster and harder always bring pleasure to women. He lowered his mouth to the navel. I know most of the men have a great craze to the navel of women especially if it is supple belly. I had no wonder, my body is making Srini a animal; he is cleaning my body by licking the liquid. When he reached my clean shaven pussy, he kissed on it and lips; there he stopped. tongue work on pussy, I am no different.

When he is eating pussy, she would like to see that he is continuing it till she reaches the ; no interruption. Here Srini was pouring honey into the pussy; I do feel it is flowing through my thighs. Then he lowered his mouth into pussy and lifted my hip, turned me upside down and my whole pussy was in his mouth. Now he is xnxxv sunny leone video lying underneath of me. Really I felt marvelous. His mouth was securing each and every inch of my pussy. He was sucking the liquid into his mouth; it was transferring an enchanting pleasure into me. I felt every vein in the vagina is being massaged by his tongue. I have never experienced it earlier. Now my cries were more frequent and loud. I was panting and urged him to fuck me without wasting time. My mouth and hands wanted to penetrate and explore into him. My hip wanted to join the action. I sat on his hip and lowered his brief. It was a . Almost 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. Good tool to satisfy a woman in my stage. "Linu, you are glowing" he murmured. Yes, my body was glowing in perspiration. My fair, shapely body is a great sight, I know. David could not exploit it to the maximum or he did not care to. It is his loss.

I stood up on the bed and tied my hair. I sat on the hip of Srini. His cock was standing erect. I took it in my hand and rubbed it on my pussy " clit; and slowly entered into my hole. It slipped into it and I began to move up and down. He stretched his hands and massaged my back and breasts. Such position certainly gives me great pleasure. When my leg began to pain, we changed positions and he mounted on me and began to move faster. Sensation was mounting in me. He was not getting tired and performing well. He asked me what my favorite position is; I replied sitting on top of him. It really touches almost the whole inner part of the pussy; it touches everywhere it has to touch. I asked him, his favorite " he replied the doggy. It was not something David did not try to do very often. I stood on the bed on four legs; Srini slapped on my buttock and made his cock slip into my pussy. He began to really fuck faster now.

He kissed and licked my back; cupped my breasts, massaged it; giving me great pleasure. "oh Linu, what a great you are, you have in the world; take my cum, yeah it is coming, coming, ha, take my cum, you whore, take it", then he released his whole semen into me. It was a release of great magnitude. For the next four days, we had spent the nights in lust and exploration and we had parted our ways promising not to bother the other citing this experience. Personally, this experience had set me free from the bondage. I don't pretend anymore.