Is There a Nurse in the House

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Is There a Nurse in the House

One day when I was 29, I saw an S&M add in the classifieds. The add was from a woman who said she had several outfits she dressed up in. The one that hooked me was a nurse uniform. I called the number. I spoke with the woman and I explained that I was interested in her nurse outfit. I also told her that I wasn't really into S&M. She said she could do an "S&M light" sort of thing. She explained that there would be no sex/intercourse involved. Then she said she had to tell me one more thing, she was 51 years old. I told her that was perfect, I loved older /women/">women. She said I could come see her in an hour.

I arrived at her apartment door and knocked. It was an old building, probably built in the 1920s. The door opened and there she was. She was a short, Jewish woman with a grey afro style hairdo. She looked older than her years, but had a pleasant face. She had /breasts/large-breasts/very-large-breasts/">very large breasts. She invited me in. Then to my /surprise/">surprise, there was an old guy in a bathrobe, sitting in a stuffed chair watching TV. She introduced me to her husband. This kinda freaked me out, but then she took my hand and said for me to follow her. She lead me into the bedroom.

She closed the door and told me to undress and to lay on the bed and she would be back shortly. She left and closed the door. I got undressed as instructed and laid on their bed. My cock was hard in anticipation. Then the door opened and the nurse entered the room.

It was not a the wwwxxx traditional nurse uniform. She had the cap and then a white smock, a white, tight fitting mini-skirt and black fish net stockings and black stiletto shoes. She had /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts and I could see that under her smock she had a black lace bra. Her ass was also big, but her legs were wonderful and the stockings were driving me wild. I was thinking what a drag it was that there was no sex involved, because at that moment I really wanted to fuck her!

She came over to the bedside and took my wrist in her hand and monitored my pulse rate. Then she opened a drawer in the night stand and removed some handcuffs. She then cuffed my hands and /feet/">feet to the posts of the bed. I started thinking that this could go /bad/">bad. Husband comes in and hacks me to death! I looked around the room to see if there was a plastic tarp. I saw none.

She then unbuttoned her smock to reveal her beautiful bra covered breasts. Leaning over me, she took her stethoscope and listened to my heart. She told me to take deep breaths. As I began inhaling and exhaling, she took one of her hands and took hold of my erect cock and began slowly stroking me. Then she bent closer to me and she pressed her mouth to mine. We began kissing and I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. Her hand slid down my cock and she covered my hairy balls with it and then began softly rubbing and squeezing them and then she began jacking me some more. With her free hand, she unhooked her bra and freed her breasts. She then leaned over more so that they dangled over my face and I began kissing and licking them. Then as I licked over and around her nipples they became hard and I took them into my mouth and sucked on them.

Then the nurse lifted up her skirt over her hips, revealing that she was wearing crotch-less black panties. She climbed up on the bed straddling me so that her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy was above my face. She lowered closer and I joyfully licked her slit with my tongue. After I got her good and wet, she pulled back and then she turned around, again straddling my face, but so she could go down on me while I continued to feast on her. It felt so good having my cock in her warm, wet mouth. Now I wanted to fuck her more than ever!

Suddenly she stopped sucking me, she climbed off of me and then she kissed me some more. Then she whispered, "I don't do this because my husband doesn't like me to, but I am going to fuck you, you hot thing you!"

And with that, she climbed up on top of me and she slid down on my stiff seven and a half inch cock and began riding me. God she felt wwwxxx good! After a while she climbed off me and unlocked my restraints and she got on her hands and knees and I mounted her from behind and began thrusting myself into her hard and fast. I held her wide hips as I fucked her vigorously. I felt her fingers and long nails on my balls, rubbing them as I rammed it home to her. Then came the rush in my loins of the searing hot pain of pleasure, the head of my cock burning with desire and then the wonderful explosion of my /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum shooting deep inside this old woman! My thighs quaked as I released everything I had inside of her.

That was the best /doctor/">doctor visit I ever had!