Rachel and Chris followup for Crissy

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Rachel and Chris followup for Crissy

Rachel and Chris 3 : a follow up for Crissy, playing the part of Chris.

*** Part 3, reader Crissy was the inspiration.

’Crissy!’ I shouted at you as you peered out of the closet door.

’What in the hell are you doing spying on Rachel and me?’ I asked.

Before you could answer, you saw my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pull out of your sister’s pussy, covered in shiny sweet juice. You knew you wanted it but were embarrassed that you’d been caught spying on us.

’Get over here, stay on your knees, and suck you sister’s pussy juice off of my cock!’ I order.

As you walk over to us on your knees, carefully trying not to ruin your stockings, I stroke my cock in your direction and you see a long shining strand of semen begin to stretch to the floor. You move more quickly trying to get to me faster so you can catch my sweet pre-cum on your tongue.

’Hurry up my little Crissy,’ I say as you get closer. Your sister Rachel has propped her head up on pillow and is watching you as she begins to rub her pussy and clit.

’You are soooo hot!’ Rachel says to you as you reach my cock and take the full length in you mouth.

I put my hands firmly on your head and begin to fuck your mouth. I was already close to coming in your sister’s pussy so it won’t be long before I shoot my load into your hot mouth.

’Come on Crissy, suck it faster. Let’s go baby, work that tongue around my cock. Come on, Crissy, suck hard!’ I tell you as you work my cock harder.

’Here it comes baby, get ready,’ I say as you grip my ass tightly and pull my cock into your throat.

You suck and swallow as I empty my balls into your sweet cock loving mouth. Our eyes both dart to Rachel as she arches her back off the bed and screams with what must have been a gut wrenching orgasm. As she comes down and notices us looking, she just smiles a tired, satisfied smile as you pull off of my cock and let white come drip down from your supple lips.

’That was very nice Crissy, but why were you spying on me and your sister?’ I ask chastising you for your transgression.

’Yeah Chris, why were you in my closet?’ Rachel asks as she toys with a swollen nipple.

Your tongue swirls around your painted lips as you pull all the last bits of my come into your mouth. Then you tell us both, eyes darting between us, ’I’m sorry, I was just trying on that new black cocktail dress you bought for Rachel and the two of you came in. Since I didn’t ask her if it was OK, I tried to hide.’

’Sounds as if you need a little correction Chris,’ Rachel said as she began to sit up on the bed.

’Yes, Crissy,’ I say to you mockingly while I pull you to your feet.

After giving you a deep kiss and holding you tightly against my body, I pull away and tell you ’Chris, my little sexy Crissy-Sissy, I’ve a good punishment in mind for you.

’Since you like the little black dress so much, I’m going to let you wear it.’

You smile happily as you hear this news and glance toward Rachel for approval. But, before she can respond, I push you down to the bed to give you a bit of a shock and tell you that there is a catch to this deal.

’You will go to your room and put on your finest black stockings, garter, and matching bra. Fix your hair and put on your makeup. Then come back and I’ll tell you the rest of your punishment. Go now!’ I snap.

While you are off to get ready as instructed, I old waman xxxgx tell Rachel about my plans and she readily agreed. Though she did require me to rim her tight little ass for a few minutes in return for letting you wear the new dress I’d bought.

When Rachel and I came out of her shower, you were waiting in her bedroom looking gorgeous in your best lingerie.

As Rachel and I dressed, I told you what was about to happen to you.

’Sissy-Crissy, here’s what is going to happen tonight: First, you will take that /butts/nice-butt/">nice butt-plug that Rachel occasionally uses on herself and on me, in insert it into your sexy little ass. Get it right and pull you panties over it because it’s going to be in your ass for a few hours at least,’ I said.

’Then, I want you to put on that cute little dress that got your clitty so hard and put on a pair of really high heels,’ I added.

We finished dressing as you did and I told you to get in the car because we are taking you out.

’Don’t hesitate Chris,’ I said to you as I saw the concern in your eyes. ’I know you’ve not been out much at all as Crissy. But we all know you look and feel one hundred percent woman. And, unless he was holding your cock, no man, or woman for that matter, would every think you were anything but all woman.’

’You do look very hot in MY dress,’ added your super-/sister/hot-sister/">hot sister Rachel, also dressed to kill.

I pushed you along and we all went to Rachel’s car and headed out to the bar I had in mind.

When we arrived at the popular college bar, not exactly known as any type of gay hang out, you appeared even more nervous.

I reached under your dress just before we got out of the car and gave your clitty a soft stroke that sent chills down your feminine arms and legs. ’Oh!’ was all that escaped your shiny red lips.

I knew there would be dozens of horny young college guys inside and they would all be drooling over you and your sister the moment we walked through the door. /reality/">reality didn’t let me down as a number of guys did the little sideways glance at us as we walked to an area in the back.

Being older than the crowd, I enjoyed knowing how lucky they all thought me to be. And it made me extra horny, just like them, when Rachel stopped for a moment and put her hand right on my crotch and, up on tip-toes, kissed me deeply. And then better, she grabbed you around the waist and gave you /kissing/hot-kiss/">hot kiss. All these guys knew was that two really /hot/hot-girls/">hot girls, who looked a lot like each other, had just kissed in front of them.

Needless to say, many eyes were to be on use for the time we were there.

After we sat down around a small cocktail table, I informed you of the next phase of our punishment.

’Crissy you need to understand that in addition to fun, you are to be punished tonight so do what Rachel and I tell you and everything will be o.k.’ I told you as my hand squeezed your thigh and raised your dress to just above the tops of your stockings. Because of the small table, others would be able to see your exposed leg and my hand playing with you. I was doing the same with Rachel with my other hand so every guy in the place who could see was sure to have a boner.

’Now what’s going to happen next, after we get all of these guys so horny that they start coming to the table and hitting on you girls, is to pick one frat boy who is going to get a big surprise. We’ll take him to the car, and while Rachel and I appear to make out in the front seat, you will give him a blow job,’ I explained.

Rachel was simply glowing as I ran my pinky finger across her clit while I talked. Knowing that others could see was bringing out a new found exhibitionism in her.

I continued with the instruction, tell you ’that after blowing the guy, Rachel and I will turn around and tell him that unless he eats your cunt, he can’t fuck Rachel’s /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. You should then slide your panties down and pull his head toward your clitty. Don’t let him see it until he is in your lap. And don’t worry; I’ll make sure nothing happens to you if he freaks out.’

We begin drinking our first round and after toasts to each other, I bokep sma pecah perawan lay out the rest of the plan.

’When he sees your girly cock Rachel will start talking and telling him how hot she is for his big college cock but tell him that he must suck her sister’s boy clit if he wants any of it. I’ll reach over and nudge his head down until he gets going.’

’Rachel will tell him that he has to take your come in his mouth if he wants her pussy and just look at her! What straight guy wouldn’t suck a lady-cock for a chance at Rachel?’ I ask while laughing.

And then it starts, the guys start walking by, circling while they get up enough courage to stop and talk. The first one to stop, Jeff, is a blowhard full of talk but not at all the clean-cut looking college guy I’m looking to have suck you.

After several others and another round of drinks, we meet Daniel. He’s not big, not small but clean-cut and cute. He chats with us for a while and then I tell him, ’Daniel, Rachel and I want to go out to the car and finish what we’ve started. You and Crissy should come on with us.’

Daniel clearly was having trouble believing his luck but didn’t miss a beat in standing up with me and assisting you out of your seat as I did the same for lovely Rachel.

We got to the car and all went as planned. Rachel and I were enjoying rubbing each other and kissing while we spied on cute Daniel as you sucked his cock.

And then as planned, a little while after he had calmed from having your swallow his hot come, Rachel leaned back, with her super hot breast on full display, and told him that if he wanted any of her hot pussy, he needed to eat you out first.

Young Daniel, likely your age, didn’t need any more motivation and dived straight for the muff he expected to find. I reached over ready to keep him bent over in your lap if he came up.

Rachel and I enjoyed watching as you wiggled under him pulling your panties down. It was cute when he lifted up a little and helped pull them off your stocking encased legs. You did a good job pulling his head down and under the dress as your clitty began to show standing at full attention.

’What the hell is that!?’ he yelled as your clit was already rubbing his cheeks.

Rachel jumped in and said: ’Listen Daniel, if you want some of this pussy then you’ve got to suck my sister’s boy clit. And if you’re not man enough to do it then you’re not man enough to enjoy great sex!’

I gently pushed him down with my hand in the middle of his back. And, slowly he began to kiss your clit and rub it.

’It’s up to you now Crissy, show him how to make a beautiful girl like you feel,’ I said.

’Yeah sis, show him how to make you happy,’ added Rachel excitedly.

It didn’t take long until you had your clitty between his lips fucking his frat boy face. And while you did, I put my face between your sister’s legs and gave her pussy a good licking while she bounced around and shouted encouragement at Daniel.

’That’s it Daniel, lick my sister’s sissy-cock! Suck it Danny!’ she said as she wiggled across my tongue.

’Only a real man can suck Chris’ clitty-cock,’ she said. ’And when you finish, I’m going to sit on your lap and grind my hot pussy onto your /college/college-boy/">college boy cock!’

I’d done all to Rachel’s pussy that I could in the confines of the car and with her watching you so I came up to watch as well keeping finger in your sister’s cunt.

Rachel’s encouragement worked wonders as Daniel began to suck your clitty with enthusiasm. By now your head was tilted back and your lovely face filled with a look of ecstasy. You looked so hot with the little black dress up around your waist and your black stockings and garter straps showing with a hot college boy sucking your clitty.

I could tell that you were about to come and I planned to hold Daniels head down over your clitty so that he would have to at least take it on his face. I looked quickly at Rachel and noticed that she was pinching her nipples and getting very excited as she also could sense your impending climax.

’Come on Chris,’ she said. ’Give him a present he won’t forget. Let your little clitty come.’

At this his head tried to come up but it didn’t take much pressure from me to keep it down and he continued to tongue your clitty.

It wasn’t but a moment until we saw your body jerk and flood Daniel’s face with your orgasm. He didn’t take it in his mouth but you did coat his face well with your fluid.

Daniel was dazed from all of this and no doubt his jaw ached. Lucky for him you were very horny to begin with and came fast!

Before he could realize what was happening, horny Rachel was over the back seat between the two of you and climbing on Daniel’s lap. This was the /first-time/">first time, other than in the apartment with you, that I’d even thought of Rachel being with another man. I hadn’t gotten much past making the guy suck your clitty in my planning and hadn’t thought about it continuing as discussed. But, clearly Rachel had and I was happy for her enthusiasm and joy.

Daniel’s cock was rock hard and sticking out of his slacks. Last we had seen it, it was flaccid after you sucked his cream out.

Rachel and Daniel worked it to the right spot and she sucked it into her shaven pussy and began fucking him with raw passion and energy. Daniel obviously loved it and was sucking her nipples as they were right in his face.

I noticed that you were fully recovered and watching too as they were right in your face. I reached over and grabbed your hand and guided it to your sister’s ass. ’Crissy, rub her asshole. She really loves it,’ I told you.

When you began rubbing her tight sphincter her moans grew much louder, as I expected, and her tempo increased to a near impossible rate. I knew that at that rate Daniel would not be able to hold off for long and I was right.

’I’m coming Jack, I’m coming on his cock!’ Rachel yelled and as her pussy clamped down on Daniel’s dick, he lost it and began shooting his load into her pussy.

After Rachel climbed off and was busy wiping the cream out of her pussy using your panties that were on the seat, I looked at the dumbstruck Daniel and asked: ’Daniel, now isn’t that worth sucking lady cock?’

He just smiled and I knew I’d found you a new lover.

After all the goodbyes and phone number trading, I drove you and Rachel back to your apartment and told you to go to her bed with your ass in the air.

Taking a little lube and working around the butt plug you’d had up your pussy all night, I slowly removed it. Your pussy was relaxed and open and I wasted no time mounting you and sliding my cock into your boy-pussy.

’Sissy-Crissy, I told you I would punish you for sneaking around and spying on us. Now I’m going to shoot my come in your ass and you will get up and go straight to your room and spend the night alone,’ I said.

Fucking you harder and faster, just as I neared orgasm I yelled: ’Take it you slut! And next time you better have your new boyfriend Daniel trained to both fuck and be fucked!’

I shot my load deep into your feminine body and went to shower reminding you that you were to go to bed alone.

Rachel was in the shower while I was fucking you and was just getting out as I entered.

’What did you do to punish Chris?’ she asked.

’I sent her to bed alone. And now, I want you to fuck me in the ass with your strap-on. Watching you fuck that young stud and watching him suck Chris made me horny!’ I declared.

We kissed and then I entered the shower as she went to get the dildo.

’What a couple you two are,’ I said aloud as the hot water began splashing down on my skin.

That was just for you Crissy for being so sexy and nice’.